Custom Home Builders San Marcos

Much like Austin, the little college town of San Marcos is expecting a population boom over the next decade. Texas State, the local college, draws in tens of thousands of students in need of housing every year. Austin is currently seeing an influx in jobs and an increase in the price of rent, but housing isn’t being developed fast enough to accommodate the population increase. As a result, more and more people are choosing to make sunny San Marcos home, and instead commute to Austin for work. The value of a home, accessory structure, backyard homes, small custom homes, large custom homes, tiny homes on wheels, park models or ADU will only increase as this city continues to grow.


The City of San Marcos has realized that small structures and ADUs are the way of the future, and in April of 2018 the city passed a new development code that allows homeowners to construct ADUs that may be habitable year round. This code contains stringent restrictions and building standards when building an ADU, these include

      ● One off street parking space that exists in the 3rd layer of the lot
      ● Maximum 50% impervious cover
      ● Utility, drainage, access, and floodplain easements
      ● Setbacks; generally 25’ primary street, 15’ secondary street, 5’ side, 5’ rear,
      ● Size
                ○ Maximum SqFt may be ½ the area of the primary building
                ○ 1000 SqFt, whichever is smaller
       ● Height; restricted to 24”
■ These restrictions are easy to adhere to, but we do recommend utilizing our expertise when permitting with the city, the relationships we have formed there are always beneficial when it comes to the approval process.