ADU Laws in Texas: Ordinance and Regulations

Fortunately, when it comes to ADU, Texas is more open to it than other areas. However, there are only designated zones where ADUs are permitted to be constructed, even in this state. At the same time, strict regulations must be followed regarding this.

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What is an ADU: Types and Their Function

The simplest way to define an ADU is another housing unit on the same lot as an existing home. It is different from storage structures like garages because it has all the amenities that you can find in usual living quarters.


Is A Tiny Home Considered A Modular Home

In the modular building method, the construction is separated into smaller three-dimensional sections called modules. Each is built in a factory, including the interior, exterior, and even electric wiring and plumbing. Afterward, these are assembled, and the house is done and good to go.

Sustainable Lifestyle

How Tiny Homes Promote Sustainable Lifestyle

If everyone depends on natural resources, it will not be long before the planet runs out of them. Fortunately, the number of people transitioning into a sustainable lifestyle is steadily increasing.