Custom Home Builders Houston offers Tiny, Small, Large Homes and ADU

Houston, Texas is destined to be a hotbed for ADU (accessory dwelling unit) growth over the course of the next decade with the help of Custom Home Builders Houston. A rapidly growing need for housing within the city, paired with Houston’s lack of zoning regulations, creates the ideal environment to design and build backyard homes. Other than deed restrictions within some prosperous inner-city neighborhoods, ADUs are allowed “by right” without a conditional use process. No city-wide ordinance can prohibit a specific use for a backyard residence in Houston unless health and safety laws are being violated. To top it all off, Houston is anticipating unprecedented population growth in the coming decades and ADUs are the solution of the future.


Houston lacks traditional zoning, and is often viewed as a modern wild west where the free market, rather than government regulation, allocates land use. Most cities in Texas have at least some form of zoning that limits the construction of multiple residences on a single property; however, Houston lacks these regulations and is, in turn, an ideal city in which to build an ADU. As long as your property doesn’t lie within a deed-restricted neighborhood, only constraints such as setback parameters and parking requirements can be dictated by the city. Deed restrictions, population density, tax increment reinvestment zones, airports, buffering ordinance, historic preservation, and minimum lot sizes do come into play in different parts of the city, and that is why we recommend you use our expertise in designing and constructing your future ADU or tiny home in the Houston area. If you are interested in utilizing our services, click on the “CONTACT US” tab in the upper right corner and complete our survey to begin sharing your goals with us.