The Blue Modern Craftsman in Waco – Single Family Residential – 1,300

Looking for a house that can sustain the needs of a single family? Well, this 1,300 SQFT 2 story home might just be what you’re looking for. Two bedrooms, a master bath with a walk-in closet, a laundry room, ample storage space, continuous open planning for the kitchen, dining and family room, an office space on the second floor that overlooks the spaces below and a balcony for outdoor viewing, this house has it all. With its blue color schemes, single sloped roofs, board and batten siding, shutter windows, this house is a perfect blend of classic and modern house designs.

Space Information

✔ 2 Bedrooms

✔ 1 Sleeping Area @ Loft

✔ 3 Bathrooms

✔ Laundry Room

✔ Family Area

✔ Kitchen

✔ Dining

✔ Office @ Loft

✔ Walk-In Closet

✔ Covered Porch

✔ Balcony