CEDAR CREEK RANCH – Accessory Dwelling Unit – 750

This 750 square feet model home gives you the country feels all year long and is perfect for a bachelor/bachelorette or a couple. It’s got unapologetically big french windows and exterior doors that maximizes natural lighting and ventilation across its interiors. It has radiant overall color schemes that will always lighten up your mood. Be sure to relax and enjoy the view in its full-width porch and patio or just yield to the warmth of the built-in fireplace by the living room.

Space Information

✔ 1 Bedroom

✔ 1 Bathroom

✔ Laundry Room

✔ Living Area 

✔ Breakfast Nook

✔ Built-In Storage

✔ Walk-In Closet

✔ Kitchen

✔ Patio/Porch