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Even though the beautiful, historic district of San Antonio isn’t experiencing the same population growth as Austin, the city is still one of the fastest growing in the USA. This population explosion has left San Antonio, and much of the State of Texas, looking at an impending housing crisis. Here at Small House Solutions, we suggest a simple solution to the crisis: build small. A second residence on a piece of property is a fantastic source of additional income, and creating a space on your property for family and guests will always add value to your home. We at Tiny Home Builders San Antonio have become experts in making small spaces extremely efficient, and we welcome the challenge of creating an ADU, backyard homes, small custom homes, large custom homes, tiny homes on wheels, park models or accessory structure for your unique property.


San Antonio has a plethora of residential zoning districts, each with their own unique requirements regarding lot size, land use, and building setbacks (the minimum distance from the property lines a structure can be located). Fortunately, the city’s unified development code permits internal, attached, and detached accessory dwellings by right in many of the rural and residential districts. This ruling makes it significantly easier for us to build ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and other liveable backyard structures within city limits, however there are standards addressing occupancy, unit size and number per lot, number of bedrooms, and off street parking. Historical districts are also found throughout the city, and Neighborhood Conservation zones can present complications with design, making San Antonio a city where utilizing a knowledgeable and experienced team is necessary and price benefitting. If you are interested in utilizing our services, click on the “CONTACT” tab in the upper right corner and complete our survey to begin sharing your goals with us.


 The permitting process can be long, frustrating, and confusing. Fortunately, Small House Solutions has tons of experience to manage this process for you.

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