Corcoran Casita – Pool House – 518

This custom 518 SQFT accessory unit sits beautifully by the pool of a residence. It has large double french doors with transom windows above it at its frontage, a high vaulted interior ceiling, a sizable kitchen and bathroom, two sets of closet space, an office/study area, a two car carport and a loft. This backyard unit has everything and is a perfect place to spend the summer and to relax by the pool. With its bluish exterior, it synergizes with the water and it definitely stands out from its surroundings but just enough for people to admire its beauty.

Space Information

✔ 1 Bedroom 

✔ 1 Bathroom 

✔ Closet

✔ Storage

 ✔ Kitchen

✔ Study Area

✔ Double Carport