Fitzhugh Contemporary – Single Family Residential – 1,198

A Mid-Century-Contemporary 2 Story Single Family Dwelling that consists of 1,100 square feet, non inclusive of the double carport, ground floor porch & patio and balcony upstairs. Truly sophisticated in style, its rustic modern interiors will make anyone feel comfortable; high cathedral ceilings, big windows and skylights, open-to-below second floor, and a full-height shelf by the staircase mid-landing! With its spacious, open floor plan and lots of natural light and ventilation, you will enjoy every second spent in this lovely dwelling.

Space Information

✔ 2 Bedrooms

✔ 2 Bathrooms 

✔ Kitchen

✔ Built-In Storage

✔ Living Area 

✔ Dining Area

✔ Office Area

✔ Balcony

✔ Double Carport

✔ Walk-In Closets

✔ W/D Closet

✔ Patio/Porch