Obi Dome Pods

For those thrill seekers out there that just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, you can now camp out in style. This 450+ SQFT, 24’ diameter dome pod is one of the must-have models for those that are into Glamping. And what is “Glamping” you might ask? Well, the term “Glamping” is basically a blend of the words “Glamorous” and “Camping”. It is a style of camping that’s been slowly becoming popular among modern day campers. The best way to describe Glamping is to visualize going on a camping trip but instead of sleeping in a tent, you get to sleep in a lavish dome pod filled with all the provisions of your own home. This model in particular has a geodesic dome metal frame with an exterior membrane that is sturdy enough to protect its users from the harsh outdoor environment. Spaces inside the pod include one sleeping area on the ground and one on the loft, a fully equipped bathroom complete with a shower and water heating system, a kitchenette and a spacious living area. Some highlights of this model is the large bay window at the front which provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors and a skylight above the sleeping area at the loft, perfect for stargazing whilst lying down. Camping won’t surely be the same once you have this dome pod.

Space Information

✔ 1 Sleeping Area 

✔ 1 Sleeping Area @ Loft

✔ 1 Bathroom

✔ Kitchenette

✔ Living Area