The Crestview Toby – Accessory Dwelling Unit – 1,100

If you are looking for something different that has a modern vibe, this 1,100 SQFT house model in Crestview will surely get your attention. The L shaped layout, flush roof eaves and protruding wall-to-roof feature is a combination you won’t usually see in a standard American dwelling. That’s what makes it different! Its interior consists of a spiral staircase, huge kitchen with island and spacious living area.

Space Information

✔ 2 Bedrooms 

✔ 2 Bathrooms

✔ W/D 

✔ Carport 

✔ Living Area 

✔ Breakfast Nook 

✔ Built-In Storage 

✔ Patio

✔ Walk-In Closets

✔ Kitchen

✔ Office Area

✔ Balcony