The SkyView Studio – Accessory Structure

The Skyview Studio is just over 248 SQFT but is equipped with all the amenities a person needs like a fully operational kitchen and bathroom. Large windows and glass doors permits more natural lighting inside the house thus making it more spacious from the inside. Exterior wooden finish gives this house a rustic look from the outside while neutral colors were used on the inside giving its interior a clean modern look. One prominent feature for this tiny home is the large glass corner window over the sleeping area.  This feature allows for the users to experience great views from the outdoors all in the comfort of their bed, perfect for stargazing at night and soaking up the morning sun when waking up in the morning. This tiny home is a great example of luxury done through modern architectural feats.

Space Information

✔ 1 Sleeping Area 

✔ 1 Bathroom

✔ Kitchen

✔ Living 

✔ Dining

✔ Covered Porch