Custom Home Builders Travis County offers Tiny, Small, Large Homes and ADU

When people think of cities within Travis County, Austin is always the first to come to mind. Cities like Pfleugerville, Lakeway, Lago Vista, Bee Caves, and Manor often are forgotten, however these are some of our favorite places to build. The beautiful rolling hill country that surrounds Austin has the potential to offer some of the best views in the state, and we take pride in our ability to construct homes that compliment these views perfectly. As we journey out of the hill country and into more densely populated areas such as Pfleugerville, we see an increased need for backyard structures and ADU’s to accommodate the ever growing population in the Austin suburbs. Fitting these dwellings into small spaces can be quite complicated and scares many builders away. Small House Solutions thrives on these challenges, and we would love to share our expertise with you.


Properties in Travis County that lie within Austin City Limits are subject to stringent design standards that require the use of a professional; we recommend a visit to our Austin tab to learn about these restrictions in more detail. Outside the city of Austin, Small House Solutions has a lot more freedom throughout the design process. Even though Travis County has made changes in recent years to accommodate ADUs and accessory structures, zoning still exists throughout the county that prevents a true ADU with a full kitchen and full bathroom from being legally constructed. This is where Small House Solutions’ expertise comes into play. We have been able find unique ways to build permanent residences in these spaces while continuing to adhere to Travis County’s requirements, and that is what sets us apart from all other custom home builders in the region.