Custom Home Builders Williamson County offers Tiny, Small, Large Homes and ADU

Much like her sister county to the south, Williamson County has experienced a population boom over the last several years that has left residents looking for an answer to an impending housing crisis. Here at Small House Solutions, we also have noticed the huge potential in building and renting in backyard spaces, with many of our clients able to provide a housing solution while also increasing their yearly income significantly. Property in the cities of Georgetown, Round Rock, Taylor, Cedar Park, Hutto, and Liberty Hill will experience major growth in value over the next 10 years, and any home, ADU, backyard homes, small custom homes, large custom homes, tiny homes on wheels, park models or accessory structure built by Small House Solutions will only add to the value on these properties.


While Williamson County lacks the stringent zoning that the City of Austin imposes, each individual city has its own unique building restrictions and requirements. An ADU built in Round Rock, for example, will likely be able to hook up to city water, but construction in cities like Taylor and Georgetown will likely be on a septic system. However, building outside city limits does expand the freedom we can take in the design process, allowing us to collaborate with you to create a completely unique and custom build that will compliment your property perfectly. From a tiny accessory structure for grandma in Cedar Park to an expansive ranch house in Liberty Hill, we would love to be the custom home builder to help make your dreams become a reality.