For the last several years, Austin has topped the US population growth charts. The abundance of live music, beautiful parks, epic nightlife, high profile jobs, and temperate climate has created the perfect atmosphere to draw people from every corner of the map. Unfortunately, this unprecedented growth has left a desperate need for housing, and this is where Small House Solutions’ expertise comes into play. We believe that ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and other backyard structures are the way of the future, filling the need for housing, additional income, detached offices, and other recreational spaces. No other custom home builder can rival Small House Solutions’ ability to create beautiful homes while simultaneously meeting Austin’s strenuous backyard building requirements, making us the ideal company to build your dream accessory structure.


Austin has 3 main residential zoning districts. SF-1, SF-2, and SF-3. Pertaining to ADU’s, Duplexes, Guest Homes, Employee Homes, and Accessory Structures, SF-1 and SF-2 are similar, while SF-3 has significant differences and a more robust lot-use potential. Small House Solutions’ knowledge of the City of Austin’s Land Development Code, Construction, Inspections, and experience permitting various types of residential and accessory structures, enables us to quickly identify the development potential of your lot, and provide you with a custom-tailored design proposal for your unique project.

In addition to zoning considerations, our consultation and design service considers neighborhood specific zoning overlays (also known as “Neighborhood Plans”), and Residential Design Standards (also known as the McMansion Subchapter F regulations) that apply to many urban lots.

In addition, Our lot due-diligence and feasibility analysis considers many  factors including:

Erosion Hazard Zones
City of Austin Protected Trees and Heritage Trees
Critical Root Zones
Visitability Ordinance
Off-Street Parking Requirement or Exemption
Condo Regime Potential
Impervious Cover
Building Coverage
Gross Floor Area and Floor Area Ratio
McMansion Tent Drawings
Topographic Concerns
Development potential pertaining to OSSF / Septic
Water Meters / Service Line Upgrades

Our team is well versed in drafting plans per City of Austin’s Design

Criteria, enabling us to provide you a truly turnkey A-Z Design-Build experience.

 We offer free consultation services for property owners.

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